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GMP-Certified Misoprostol API Exporters

GMP-Certified Misoprostol API Exporters In India

GMP-Certified Misoprostol API Exporters

You can conclude your search for GMP certified misoprostol API exporter in India with Lucent Drugs. Backed by years of expertise and insight into the business, we have come a long way from our modest beginnings to become a leading brand in the industry when it comes to high-efficacy APIs, intermediates, and a variety of lifesaving drugs. Headed by a team of technocrats, our goal is not just to meet the market demand for high-quality drugs but also to drive innovation and advance medical science.

Founded on the bedrock of innovation and persistence, every aspect of our operation is driven by a common goal; to empower patients and healthcare experts alike.

With our science-backed drugs and innovations, we not only offer patients the means to attain better health but also pave the path for the medical fraternity where efficiency, performance, and patient care are always the priority. It is for this trait and unwavering determination, that we are positioned as one of the most trusted GMP-certified misoprostol API exporters in India.

At Lucent Drugs, quality serves as the cornerstone of all our efforts. Our team of scientists, researchers, and engineers work collectively to identify challenges, develop solutions, and implement them so we can deliver high-quality drugs every time. We implement the ISO 9002:2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 quality control measures in addition to a slew of in-house quality regulations. Our 2-acre production facility has various sections along with 4 production blocks and 2 Class – 100000 clean rooms.

It’s time to take on every medical challenge head-on and the most renowned GMP-certified misoprostol API exporter in India is here to help you in that effort!

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