L u c e n t
  • Czech Colony, Sanathnagar, hyderabad

Manufacturing Facility

Class-100000 clean rooms
Lucent Drugs


Manufacturing Facility:

Lucent Drugs has a state of the art manufacturing facility spread over 4.4 acres, with Stainless Steel and Glass Lined reactors ranging from 1.6 KL to 4.0 KL in capacity. The facility is equipped with High Vacuum Distillation Facilities,Chilled Water and Brine systems of +5°C, -10°C, -30°C -65°C which helps us handle various reactions under different parameters

  • The facility is established over an area of 4.4 acres.
  • The manufacturing facility has 4 production blocks and 2 Class-100000 clean rooms
  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified